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Stable Diffusion XL 1.0

Large image generation

Create beautiful 1024x1024 images with the latest diffusion model

$0.0045 / image

GPT v3.5, v4

Conversation text generation

Generate conversational text similar to human speech

From $0.002  / 1k tokens


Text generation model

13-billion parameter language model fine-tuned for dialogue and chat

From $0.0016  / 1k tokens


Text generation model

40-billion parameter language model fine-tuned to follow human instructions

From $0.0040  / 1k tokens

Whisper large v2

Translate & transcribe audio

Transcribe audio from 99 languages or translate into English. Speech diarization is included.

$0.0010 / minute of audio


Generate speech from text

Generate nuanced speech and non-speech sounds from text

$0.00024 / word


Artistic image generation

Generate highly detailed, atmospheric, and creative images

$0.0010 / image

Stable Diffusion

Image generation model

Generate photo-realistic images from text prompts and seed images

$0.0010 / image

Realistic Vision

Realistic image generation

Create more realistic imagery with this version of stable diffusion

$0.0010 / image


Caption images, Visual Q&A

Caption images and generate answers to visual questions

$0.0002 / image

Instruct Pix2Pix

Alter images using text

Edit images using natural language text instructions

$0.0020 / image

ControlNet Canny

Control image generation

Guide image generation to specific areas with canny edge maps

$0.0040 / image


Upscale and restore images

Make images larger without losing quality or detail

$0.0030 / image


Face enhancer and upscaler

Make images containing faces larger without losing quality

$0.0040 / image


Enhance your input text

Enhance text prompts for more creative image generations

$0.0006 / prompt

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